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We’re based in Dundee and we cover the whole of the UK and beyond. Over the years, we’ve helped a wide cross-section of people in their claims for financial justice, whether they’ve been mis-sold PPI, lost money due to poor pension advice, overpaid on miscalculated mortgages or suffered because of a number of other developments. There are times when the individual feels at their lowest point, so it’s reassuring to know that experienced and knowledgeable specialists are just a phone call away.

When investigating claims for PPI, we’re able to go back a number of years to give the client’s case more depth. In some cases, we’re able to discover possible compensation claims against more than one lender, in the process bringing the client more in the way of compensation than they realised they were entitled to.

In recent times, a significant number of people have come to us for help with unregulated pension investments and with poor, potentially fraudulent pension advice. Sad to say, there have been plenty of unscrupulous individuals and companies who have encouraged investment in schemes that were simply too good to believe.

Untold misery for those who were persuaded to invest

The inevitable end result in such cases is usually the loss of some or all of the individual’s pension savings. This is money they had worked all their lives for, and with which they were going to provide for themselves and their loved ones into their later years. It’s been heart-breaking sometimes to see just how far some people in the financial sector will go to turn a profit.

Pension holders were tempted into potentially increasing their financial holding by investing in schemes which offered greater returns than any pension or savings scheme could provide. These included buying into greener energy, storage pods, hotels and overseas property. The overall losses involved have been staggering, and the misery heaped upon the victims is incalculable.

If you’ve been the victim of schemes like these, you deserve a chance to seek compensation. The brokers and pension investors made a great deal of money from pushing these products, mainly because the commissions were usually very high, and they shouldn’t get away with it. Just call Beat the Banks today on 0800 193 1234 and we’ll give you straightforward, no nonsense advice on what can be done.

Suffered because of bad mortgage advice? We’re here to help

We’ve seen a rise in the number of bad mortgage advice cases in the last few years, and this is an issue that’s led to a great deal of upset. Factors such as excessive broker fees and an encouragement to re-mortgage when it perhaps wasn’t the right thing to do are depressingly common, but with Beat the Banks on your side you can fight back against any wrongdoing.

Having spent many years in this industry, we’ve seen first-hand just how upsetting it can be for people to suffer as a result of bad advice in regard to mortgages, pensions and insurance. These issues should never have arisen in the first place, but if you’ve been an unfortunate victim it’s important to know that help is at hand. We’ll do all we can to right the wrongs that you have endured, so put yourself in the hands of those in the know.

Have a chat with our experts today on 0800 193 1234 and let’s help you get the justice you deserve. All you’ve got to lose is a few minutes of your time, so be sure to make that call as soon as possible. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Beat the Banks – protecting rights, correcting wrongs.

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