Douglas Baillie

Did you take pension transfer advice from Douglas Baillie Limited?

Are you a victim of their faulty advice which has seen victims transfer their highly valuable workplace pensions elsewhere or transferred any type of pension into a SIPP?

Based in Perth, the father and son team have left the Financial Services Compensation Scheme to face dealing with hundreds of claims and with a bill stretching into tens of millions. Douglas Baillie Jnr now works with McHardy Financial in Perth. Leading on-line journal, City Wire recently published the following story regarding the involvement of Douglas Baillie Limited in the British Steel Pension Scandal. You can access the article here.

Substantial numbers of completely inexperienced investors were introduced to both firms by a host of unregulated and regulated advisers and then advised to transfer their final salary pension  or personal pensions into Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs) and from there to then invest in a whole raft of unregulated investments such as store pods, green oil plantations, Harlequin and Gas Verdant to name but a few.

To be perfectly clear, SIPPS are specialised pension holding arrangements and generally aimed at risk takers, who  certainly have more than £100,000 to invest and also have substantial investment experience, a capacity for loss and don’t mind paying more in ongoing charges.

Beat the Banks have now recovered substantial compensation for victims who were completely unaware of the involvement of Douglas Baillie Limited or the Pension Specialist in their pension transfers.

Even if you have already received compensation for the failures of Douglas Baillie and The Pension Specialist, due diligence failures by your SIPP provider may mean you’re now due even more.

Beat the Banks is a CMC. You can claim for free, without using a CMC, first to your provider or to the FOS/FSCS/TPO. Click here for more information.

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