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Cancellation Details

This Form will allow you to cancel any active Subject Access Request(s)/Claim(s) with Beat The Banks.

Please complete as much information as possible so that your request may be completed correctly.


Customer Information

Your full name (including title)

Beat The Banks reference number (if known)

Your date of birth

Address Information

Your current address (including postcode)

I am aware and acknowledge that by canceling my Claim(s) with Beat The Banks that I may be liable for a fee * which will be calculated based on the work Beat The Banks have completed for me to date. If I am canceling multiple claims, I am aware and acknowledge that I will be charged a fee for each claim which I am canceling.

I hereby give Notice that I wish to cancel my Subject Access Request(s)/Claim(s) with Beat The Banks in relation to
All my Subject Access Request(s)
(you will incur no charges)
Just my Subject Access Request against
All my active claim(s) (you will incur a charge per claim)
Just my claim against

Please sign and date in the boxes below

Account Holder’s signature


* If you are canceling within fourteen days of instructing Beat The Banks to act on your behalf, there will be no cancellation fee and any DSAR fees of £10 per lender paid by you will be refunded.

Cancellation after the fourteen day period will be subject to our administration costs which are based on an hourly fee of £100 plus VAT @ 20% and subject to a maximum fee of £400 plus VAT @ 20%.

In the event that you cancel the agreement after an offer of payment has been made by the lender, we will enforce our charges of 30% plus VAT @ 20%

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