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Claims Management Companies

Beat The Banks - No Ordinary Claims Management Company

There are a great many claims management companies in the UK these days, each of them battling with one another for your custom. Some of them make grandiose claims to be better than all the rest, to be more dogged in their determination to win you money and to use ever more vigorous methods to battle for justice on your behalf.

Our advice is clear: don’t believe all of them, and be wary of such claims.

The usual strategy begins with a request to just provide them with your name, and they’ll do everything from then on. There are some which will then offer to reclaim the full lender records in relation to your past dealings, and to then go over them with a fine tooth comb. This is hard, painstaking work, and very few companies really do it. Beat the Banks, it should be noted, is one of them that does just that.

Claims companies obtain what’s called a SARN (Subject Access Request Notice) in order to obtain borrowing records. There are two types, a full SARN or a mini SARN. Most companies ask for the latter, we ask for the former. Beat the Banks pursue claims armed with the big picture, but most others are only armed with little more than a rough outline.

Therefore, when we handle a case on behalf of our customers, we look at all the information that’s available, and we can then base our claim on the facts, not a rough guess that may or may not be accurate. This is where Beat the Banks differ from many of our competitors, and it’s a factor that can make a major difference to the size of a claim.

The clock’s ticking, but it’s not too late…

If you’re thinking about making a claim for PPI compensation, you’ll probably be aware that a deadline for such claims is fast approaching. Therefore, getting in touch with us is more important now than ever before. We can be contacted on 0800 193 1234, and we’re waiting right now to hear from you.

Our team contains specialist men and women who know the financial world in great detail. Many of them have a background in banking, and are therefore ideally placed to know how best to get you the justice you deserve. In your hour of need, you’ll be reassured to feel that you’re being represented by those in the know.

In a huge number of cases, PPI was sold on by banks and credit providers as a profitable add-on to boost their profits, and there are plenty of instances of it being sold despite the fact that the customer didn’t ask for it, didn’t want it and didn’t need it. These practices are rightly seen now as unfair, and that’s why a PPI compensation claim is regarded these days as right and just.

If you think you were mis-sold PPI at any point in the past, Beat the Banks can help. One phone call to 0800 193 1234 is all that’s needed to take those first tentative steps on the path to justice. We look forward to having a chat with you.

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