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Beat the Banks is a compensations claims company based in Dundee, Scotland. We employ a knowledgeable and friendly team of specialists, most of whom have several years of working experience in the banking industry. We utilise our in-depth understanding of the financial sector to help our customers pursue strong, tenacious and robust compensation claims through the tried and trusted processes.

We apply the same care and attention to every case, no matter how large or small. We pursue claims against banks, credit providers, pension advisors and financial brokers to help our customers get the justice they deserve, bringing them the reassurance to know they’re dealing with the accredited, experienced professionals right from the start.

Beat the Banks seek full disclosure of financial records when pursuing claims, a process that many other claims management companies fail to do. We believe in going through every claim in great detail without opting for the quick win that others choose, a strategy that can lead to claimants only receiving part of the moneys that could have been reached.

We don’t believe in asking customers to complete reams of unnecessary paperwork. Once we have the information we need from them, we start to build a case that’s based on the complete picture rather than only part of the story. In most cases, our customers provide the information we need then settle back to leave it to the specialists. It really is as simple as that.

It’s time to get something done about the injustice

After the far too enthusiastic selling of PPI in previous decades, it’s refreshing to know there are leading professionals who are on your side to help you mount a claim. And the best news of all is you just have to make a quick call to Beat the Banks on 0800 193 1234 or complete the form to start the ball rolling. You have so little to lose, so please get in touch today.

And of course if you haven’t had PPI but you feel you may have been mis-sold pension, mortgage, investment or other financial advice, we’d be more than happy to hear from you. There have been far too many cases of injustice in the UK in recent years, and we at Beat the Banks continue to do something about it. For us, it might be complex, but for you we make sure it’s easy.

Message From Mike Begg

Mike Begg is the Managing Director of Beat The Banks

We are a PPI reclaims company based in Dundee, Scotland. All our claims experts are ex bank lending managers and most of our team have a banking or financial services background.

Using our skills and knowledge, our aim is to complete every claim, no matter how big or small, with the same level of care and attention. It’s not our policy to submit claims for mis-sold PPI, unless our clients have the appropriate paperwork and a clear recollection of the circumstances of the sale of the insurance. If they don’t, it’s then our job to recover the full borrowing paperwork from the lender before submitting a claim.

This is a world away from other claims companies who only pursue “mini Sarn” information. Skeletal account information that provides no supporting paperwork, can frequently be wrong, is not covered under the Data Protection Act 1998 and often very much time limited.
Some of the dirty sakes tricks applied across the banking industry over the last twenty five plus years have been truly horrific. Light years away from the morals and ethics that existed when I embarked on my banking career away back in 1980.

Greed and target driven selling saw banking morph from cosy friendly banking to screwing every last penny from customers. Beat the Banks was set up to help people by using our intimate knowledge of the industry. I’m proud to say that we have now reclaimed more than £25 million for our customers.

We firmly believe that less than 50% of the public who were mis-sold PPI, have claimed and with a deadline of 29 August 2019, time really is running out. If you or any of your friends or relations haven’t already claimed, please don’t lose the chance and let the banks win. The team at Beat the Banks is here to make claiming as simple and pain free as possible.

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