Miscalculated Mortgages With Cheltenham & Gloucester

Miscalculated Mortgages With Cheltenham & Gloucester

If you took a Cheltenham & Gloucester mortgage in 2009 of earlier, initially borrowed £100,000 or more and haven’t remortgaged to another lender or repaid it since, there is a significant chance that the interest and charges on your borrowing may have been miscalculated. This includes interest only and buy to let borrowing.

There are a great number of reasons as to why discrepancies can occur and normally it’s a number of factors that will result in your mortgage being miscalculated and often substantially. Some of the typical, but by no means exhaustive reasons are covered in our main miscalculated mortgage page. Often sight of the original mortgage offer is enough to give a reasonable indication that a claim is possible.

At times, we believe C&G mortgage offers and accompanying T&C’s may not have accurately reflected the exact co-ordinates of the borrowing as plotted and charged by the lender. Legacy computer issues may have amplified these potential errors.

Originally a building society, C&G was already a significant player in the savings and mortgage market when it was bought by Lloyds Bank away back in 1995. The brand continued grow rapidly in England and Wales and operated through a huge branch network, at one point it was the fourth largest mortgage lender in the UK.

Although they had much less of a presence in Scotland, large branches operated in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow. In late 2013 all C&G branches were transferred to the newly formed TSB. At the same time they stopped accepting new mortgage applications and some existing mortgage accounts were moved to TSB. Finally in 2017 those mortgage accounts left with Lloyds were fully integrated and rebranded.

If your mortgage meets our criteria, Beat the Banks have teamed up with leading industry experts to offer an entirely free audit. We can also consider mortgages taken with C&G for £100, 000 or more after 2000, providing you retained your loan with them for a minimum of seven years.

For more information on how to receive our entirely free mortgage audit, please contact Beat the Banks on 01382 200474 or for free on 0800 193 1234. Or if you live locally, why not simply pop into our office with any of your mortgage paperwork and we can start the audit process immediately. Our hours are 8am-8pm weekdays, except for Fridays when we close at 6 pm. On Saturdays it 10am-2pm.

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