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Do you remember receiving a letter like this from Clydesdale Bank?

Do you remember receiving a letter like this from Clydesdale Bank?

Did you have a mortgage with Clydesdale Bank back in 2009? Maybe you still have the same mortgage with them now? Do you remember receiving a letter like this? Some 22,000 mortgage holders, through no fault of their own, were left facing shortfalls totalling £21.2 million. In 2010, the bank automatically increased the monthly payments …

Another Banking Disaster? TSB

This week has seen a disastrous attempt by TSB to migrate its banking network onto the platform of its Spanish parent, Banco Sabadell. The integration should have taken place on 2 November last year and the delay has seen TSB paying a further £80 million to Lloyds Banking Group for effectively renting their computer system. …

Reclaiming Your PPI Against Lloyds TSB

If you have ever had a mortgage, credit card or a personal loan with TSB or Lloyds TSB then, there is a significant chance that you have been mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance. During the 70’s and 80’s the local TSB banks up and down the country began amalgamating. Finally in 1986, TSB Group plc was …

Park First offered investment in car parking schemes

Park First is part of the empire built up by Toby Whittaker and his Group First scam. The good news was that Park First protected the first 2 years income by way of a sub-lease to its wholly-owned management company. If that wasn’t comforting enough, this recommended route gave you a fixed 8% return on …

Storage Pods Unregulated Pension Investments

Heavily recommended as an unregulated pension investment, the funds were invested with Store First. They provided a number of storage facilities in locations all over the UK and promised investors double-digit returns. Store First also offered another “attractive” and unregulated investment via Park First. This one involved the renting of car parking spaces at airports …

Shah Wealth Management Pension Claims

In July 2016, and in the face of a barrage of claims in relation to Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes (UCIS), the FCA-authorised and Solihull-based IFA Shah Wealth Management entered voluntary liquidation. They also had two appointed representatives: namely, Cherish Wealth Management and Cherish Protect. Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) data from March 2018 disclosed the …

Banks ‘wriggling out of paying up on PPI claims’

The Sunday Post has obtained industry data which show the number of Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) claims where finance firms say they can’t find the claimant’s details has soared.

Banks Slammed For ‘Mis-selling Pointless PPI To NHS Workers’

This story was originally carried by the Sunday Post. We highlight how the “Unemployment” portion of any ASU (Accident, Sickness & Unemployment Policy) was all but worthless, for NHS employees in Scotland.

Scandal of ‘PPI sold to NHS staff’

THOUSANDS of NHS workers have been mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI) despite enjoying a no-compulsory redundancy guarantee, it has been claimed. reports Andrew Picken in The Sunday Post A Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) claims’ firm has said the policies should never have been sold to health workers as they enjoy among the best job security …

The Resort Group Claims

The Resort Group, or TRG, was first established back in 2007 by Rob Jarrett, a former financial adviser with the Prudential. Headquartered in Gibraltar, and therefore out-with the scope of the UK regulators, they have now completed a number of luxury hotels in Cape Verde. They boast of partnerships with the likes of the Melia …

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