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Beat The Banks Reclaim PPI On Personal Loans

Beat The Banks Reclaim PPI On Personal Loans

Personal Loans remain one of the most profitable products as far as banks are concerned. So why is this? Well, unlike mortgages where you only pay interest on the balance outstanding on any given day, on the vast majority of cases, the interest is front loaded and added to the borrowing from the outset. To …

Beat Marks & Spencers

If you have ever had a loan or credit card with M&S Bank then there is a considerable chance that you have been mis-sold PPI. M&S Bank, set aside £128 million in 2016 to repay customers mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance. This was significantly higher than the previous year, which came in at £83 million. The …

Clydesdale apologises for delays in PPI complaint handling

We disclose how the Clydesdale and Yorkshire bank, struggle to cope with the sheer volume of PPI complaints following their record FCA fine of £20.70 million earlier that year.

Thousands of customers in line for new PPI payouts

The FCA fined Clydesdale Bank a then record £20.70 million in April 2015 for mis-handling PPI complaints. We have continued to work closely on this with the bank and they have now agreed, that fresh evidence will now be accepted on previously rejected cases.

Beat The Banks Reclaim PPI On Secured Loans

Secured loans were all the rage back in late 90’s and early early 2000’s. it was big business, big loans, big interest rates and not least of of big PPI premiums. If you think you paid PPI on a secured loan, then there is a significant chance that you may have been mis-sold PPI on …

Beat Next And Claim Your PPI

If you ever said yes to an account with Next. Then you may have said YES to PPI without even knowing. Incredibly, Next automatically applied PPI on all accounts from late 1988 and only stopped this ridiculous money making practice in August 1993. Equally unbelievable is that the cover specifically excluded the self-employed. New Payment …

Beat The Ulster Bank

As part of the RBS Group, Ulster Bank in Northern Ireland sold PPI on loans, credit cards and mortgages in absolutely industrial amounts. The whole RBS Group that includes Ulster Bank have a long history of misleading customers by providing inaccurate information about PPI paid on accounts. Beat the Banks will find out the absolute …

Clydesdale admits having some customer records from 21 years ago

We exposed that the Clydesdale Bank group which includes Yorkshire Bank, had been untruthful about their record keeping. Rather than keeping these for only 6/7 years as they told customers, we established records were available back as far as 21 years ago or more.

Clydesdale is facing further scrutiny on PPI claim handling

Clydesdale Bank faces heightened scrutiny of its practices after admitting it is reviewing its complaints handling policy over mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI) reports Simon Bain in The Hearld The disclosure came after The Herald uncovered evidence from reputable Scottish claims companies that Clydesdale is the only major bank which says it is unable to …

Bank in PPI compensation row after customer records purged

CONCERNS have been raised that Clydesdale Bank has reduced its potential compensation bill for the mis- selling of payment protection insurance (PPI) after it destroyed customer records dating back more than seven years reports Simon Bain in The Herald The bank has invoked the Data Protection Act, which says files should not be kept longer …

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