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PPI Aberdeen

PPI Aberdeen

Beat the Banks are committed to seeking justice for those who were mis-sold PPI in the past. Our team contains many industry specialists with a great deal of experience in the banking sector, and we feel that we’re perfectly placed to build robust compensation claims on behalf of our customers. We have the knowledge and the experience to make a difference.

PPI was sold aggressively in Aberdeen in the past, by institutions that were once regarded as honest and trustworthy by their loyal customers. Bank of Scotland, the Halifax, the TSB and the Clydesdale are just some of the organisations which maintained a strong presence in Aberdeen. They have all had to pay out huge sums of money in compensation claims for mis-selling a product that has now become a by-word for a major financial scandal.

If you have had PPI in the past, you may well be due compensation. PPI was regularly and systematically sold to people who didn’t want it, didn’t need it and in some cases weren’t even aware of its presence. To find the justice you deserve, one call to our team on 0800 193 1234 is all you need to begin the process.

We hope to hear from you soon.

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