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These days, PPI has rightly become something approaching a dirty word, a byword perhaps for a period in which once-trusted institutions left behind their benevolent past and embraced an attitude that put profits before anything else. If you lived in Inverness in the past 30 years and took out any of a number of different financial products, there is a strong likelihood that you were mis-sold PPI as a result.

Personal Protection Insurance was tacked on to a number of agreements in a bid to increase the provider’s profit margins, and it turned out to be a very lucrative path to higher revenue. Looking back at that period, it’s easy to understand why so many people lost all or part of their faith in a number of high street institutions, names that were once seen as trustworthy and loyal to the customer.

Products such as bank loans, mortgages, car loans, store cards, credit cards and catalogue accounts were systematically sold with PPI attached, and in most cases the insurance itself was of very little use to the consumer. It seems incredible to think now that it was also regularly added on to products without the customer even being told of its existence.

During this period, Inverness was home to a significant number of well-known high street stores and branches of all-too familiar banks and building societies. Mis-selling of PPI occurred in the stores and banks of the city, over the phone and via the early manifestations of the internet. It was a period in which the needs of the consumer were put to the sword in a bid to increase sales and, in the process, profits.

We at Beat the Banks have been battling for justice on behalf of the people of Inverness and all over the UK in recent years. Our friendly team features a number of specialists with many years in the banking industry, people who know all about the way PPI was mis-sold on an almost industrial scale. We can help you to find justice, and to obtain compensation for the way you were so badly mistreated in the past.

To start the ball rolling, all you have to do is complete the online contact form or give us a call on 0800 193 1234. It really is that simple to join the growing number of people who have challenged what was once an extremely unfair practice. We look forward to speaking with you.

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