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As one of the largest cities in the UK, Manchester has been an important financial centre for many decades. Banks and building societies had branches all over the city, and for many years a sense of mutual trust existed between the happy customer and the benevolent company. Unfortunately, the PPI scandal has managed to strip away much of that trust, to the point where things may never be the same again.

If you lived in Manchester from the 1990s onwards and took out mortgages, loans, credit cards or store cards, you may well have been mis-sold PPI in the process. In a hectic attempt to maximise profits, many financial institutions turned their attention to the targeted and systematic selling of a product that proved to be of little or no use to the customer. In some of the worst instances, they even failed to inform customers of the presence of PPI in their agreements.

In addition to some of the more familiar high street names that took part in what turned out into a national scandal, there were several sub-prime lenders which also got in on the act. They included Welcome Finance, Citi and HFC, all of whom had a strong presence in Manchester at one time. PPI must have seemed to be a bottomless pit of revenue that would keep on going for many years to come.

Inevitably, the lending boom came to an abrupt end. PPI was shown to be something approaching a white elephant for the consumer, and it soon became apparent that the way it had been sold was a long way short of what we expected from those we once trusted. Mis-selling had been undertaken on an industrial scale, and the powers that be were not impressed.

All the experience and knowledge you’ll ever need

Our specialists at Beat the Banks have many years of experience in the financial sector and an in-depth knowledge of how PPI was marketed and sold. The needs of the consumer were sacrificed in the drive to reach sales targets, and our research has shown that plenty of major names in finance and on the high street were involved. This has put us in a strong position to help former victims seek the justice they deserve.

It seems incomprehensible that so many famous companies took part in the feeding frenzy. Institutions such as NatWest, Marks & Spencer, Barclays, Debenhams, Argos and the Halifax have all been punished in the past for mis-selling PPI, so the chances are you will have been dealing with one or more of them at some point during this period.

It’s so easy to find out more about PPI and whether it affected you. Just complete our online contact form or call the team on 0800 193 1234 and we can take things from there. The big names who pushed this product in such a greedy and cynical manner shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it, so make sure you speak to our specialists soon.

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