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Reclaim Mis Sold PPI Against Danske Bank

Reclaim Mis Sold PPI Against Danske Bank

Like many others, Danske Bank were at one heavily committed to the aggressive selling of PPI policies. They were tacked on to loans, credit cards and mortgages with great gusto, and in most cases they proved to be of very little value to the consumer. To Danske Bank, however, they were the source of major profits from the late 1980s onwards.

If you took out a loan, a bank account or a credit card with the company in the past, you may well have had the potentially useless addition of PPI. During the lending boom, many once-trusted corporations, a number of them famous high street names, indulged in a virtual feeding frenzy, selling PPI products to anyone and everyone, irrespective of whether they really needed them.

Danske Bank trace their origins back to the 1870s. They are the largest bank in Denmark and they maintain a significant presence throughout northern Europe. They bought the Northern Bank, a well-known Northern Irish financial institution, in 2004. The enthusiastic selling of PPI continued until restrictions were eventually brought into effect back in 2011.

Going the extra mile on your behalf

Here at Beat the Banks, we always go the extra mile when investigating cases of mis-sold PPI against Danske Bank and every other bank, building society and credit provider. Our team of specialists has the know-how and the determination to make sure we search all relevant records, not just the ones that are easy to get at. We employ a significant number of people with extensive banking backgrounds so we are fully aware of the methods that will get to the heart of the truth.

By gaining access to all the records, we can build a healthier and more robust case based on facts such as how the PPI was sold in the first place. This gives us a better chance of success than those claims companies that only seek the scantest of information. The fullest picture is always the clearest one, after all.

If you think you may have had a bank account, a loan, a mortgage or a credit card with Danske Bank in the past, we would like to hear from you. We can help you find the justice you deserve and we make the whole process easy and stress-free. Just complete the contact form or give us a call on 0800 193 1234 and let’s have a chat about what can be done.

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    Reclaim Mis Sold PPI Against Danske Bank Beat The Banks
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