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Reclaim Mis Sold PPI Against Dorothy Perkins

Reclaim Mis Sold PPI Against Dorothy Perkins

Store cards issued in the early 1980s and into the 1990s proved popular with consumers, eager to visit shops like Dorothy Perkins and purchase the latest fashions. The cards were extremely convenient, enabling customers to spread their payments over a longer period of time, but they were even more popular with the companies themselves because they often contained a little extra bonus.

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) was sold enthusiastically and sometimes rather too aggressively to store card holders by a number of once-trusted high street institutions, and Dorothy Perkins was one of them. The insurance itself was often of little or no value whatsoever to the consumer, but companies continued to push it without worrying about such minor details.

The bottom line became the only thing that really mattered, as more and more profits came in via PPI. One size fits all policies meant the lenders didn’t need to spend money on in-depth training courses for staff members, and because the commissions were high they could offer tempting incentives to sales teams so they could push ever harder to tack PPI onto store card accounts.

For banks, building societies and other credit providers, PPI became a very welcome godsend. Interest rates had tumbled during this period, reducing profits in the process and forcing lenders to look elsewhere for easy, reliable income that brought with it very little risk. PPI ticked all the right boxes, so a selling frenzy ensued over the next few years. Whether consumers needed it or not didn’t seem to matter much at all.

Dorothy Perkins is one of the more familiar names in our high streets, having grown into a national and then international brand since its early days back in the first part of last century. These days, it’s a part of the huge Arcadia Group, but it still trades under the Dorothy Perkins name. Store cards that carried that all-too familiar logo often included PPI policies which brought in substantial income as the economy started to shrink.

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If you had a Dorothy Perkins store card at any time during this period, there is a good chance that you were mis-sold PPI as a result. There has been a great deal of publicity in recent years about the PPI scandal, and about how the lenders showed little or no thought for the needs of their customers in regard to this white elephant of a product. They got away with things during that time, but we at Beat the Banks feel a great injustice has taken place.

We’d like to hear from anyone who had a store card from Dorothy Perkins from the late 1980s onwards, because we may be able to help them mount a strong and robust compensation claim. Many consumers spent vast sums of money on an insurance policy that was almost useless, so it’s only right that something is done about it before the PPI deadline comes into effect.

It seems difficult to comprehend, but the PPI costs to the customer were far higher for store cards than they were for standard credit cards. No wonder so many major players in high street retailing decided to get on the gravy train during the lending boom. Sizable profits were there to be had; all they had to do was join in.

Here at Beat the Banks, we pull out all the stops to make sure every claim is investigated thoroughly. Some claims companies ask for only the briefest of information from lenders, but that’s not how we work. Our research often involves going through dozens, sometimes even hundreds, of pages of records dating back many years, and we can be doing the same for you.

To start the process, just call 0800 193 1234 and have a friendly chat with our team. We are experienced in the banking industry, so we know all about the ins and outs of selling PPI to an unsuspecting public. We’ve unearthed so many instances of blatant wrongdoing by a wide cross-section of companies, and that’s why we continue to fight for justice.

We can fight for you, too, so please get in touch today.

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