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Reclaim Mis Sold PPI Against Egg

Reclaim Mis Sold PPI Against Egg

There were a great many eager customers for Egg credit cards, mortgages and loans during the lending boom of the late 1990s and early 2000s, and if you were one of them it may be that you also had a PPI policy attached to the account. Most of these policies were of little or no use to the consumer, so if you even think you have had one we’d love to speak to you. Just call 0800 193 1234 to find out more.

Egg was first established by the Prudential in the 1990s, and it became a major player in the early days of internet-based banking. While it was marketed as something a little different, the organisation regularly pushed unnecessary PPI policies with just as much aggression and enthusiasm as the rest of the financial sector. After all, there were huge profits to be made so it was perfectly OK, right?


As was the case with almost all credit providers at the time, sales teams from Egg were offered sizable incentives to push their PPI products on to their customers. Commissions were large, profits were easy and unfortunately for the consumer premiums were disappointingly high, and all for an add-on that in most cases provided very little cover and hardly any peace of mind.

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Here at Beat the Banks, we use all our years of experience in the financial sector to pore over records in our quest for justice. The PPI scandal was exactly that, a scandal that should never have been allowed to happen. Banks, building societies and credit providers got away with things for too many years, and we’re doing all we can to get justice on behalf of our customers.

The Egg brand has changed hands several times over the years, but that doesn’t matter when it comes to pursuing a compensation claim. Famous names such as Citi, Barclays and the Yorkshire Building Society have all owned part of the Egg empire at some point in the years since the lending boom. At one time, Egg had brought in around £17 million in income from Payment Protection Insurance, a staggering sum when you consider how much of a white elephant this product turned out to be.

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