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Reclaim Mis Sold PPI Against HSBC

Reclaim Mis Sold PPI Against HSBC

With the clock ticking quickly down to PPI deadline day, it’s so important to ask a few questions if you feel you might have had any PPI policies in the past from HSBC. This famous name in world banking was one of the most active in the UK during the lending boom, providing mortgages, loans and credit cards to a huge number of people, often with PPI attached.

It’s estimated that the HSBC group as a whole sold well in excess of 5 million policies, and as was the case with so many other credit providers these policies were often of little or no use to the unsuspecting customer. The banks and building societies became increasingly aggressive when selling PPI during that period, and HSBC were no exception.

It may be that you had credit in some form from HSBC without even realising they were the company behind the product. As well as the bank itself, the group also operated via HFC, First Direct, Beneficial Bank, Household Bank and Marbles credit cards and loans. If any of these names sound familiar, you should get in touch with our friendly team today on 0800 193 1234.

The reason for such aggressive selling was an obvious one; sales teams were offered tempting incentives to sell on PPI policies with every type of credit agreement, so it was all too easy to just say yes before signing on the dotted line. The profits for the financial sector were huge, helped by the fact that very little was needed in the way of expensive staff training courses.

Until the lending boom came to a somewhat abrupt end, HSBC and the rest of them enjoyed substantial rewards for a product that offered very little in the way of protection for the general public. The PPI scandal – and it really was a scandal – is now rightly seen as a feeding frenzy that brought out the worst in many people and companies. No wonder so many once-trusting consumers are now seeking compensation for the money they inadvertently wasted.

Making successful claims based on obtaining the full picture

Here at Beat the Banks, we have successfully mounted compensation cases against HSBC and its various subsidiaries in recent times. We don’t do what most other claims management companies do, either. Where they look for the scantest of information before making a claim, we delve as deeply as possible to find complex financial details before poring over every single transaction that was made.

And with the PPI deadline day fast approaching, you can trust Beat the Banks to find all the relevant data to ensure your one shot at compensation is one that’s based on all the facts, not just some of them. These facts often include original borrowing agreements, applications, statements and account notes. Armed with details like this, we know that our cases are never based on guesswork.

The financial sector has set aside billions of pounds to pay for PPI compensation claims, and it’s estimated that a sizable proportion of that money will remain unclaimed once the deadline has been and gone. It seems crazy that so much wrongdoing by the industry will have gone unpunished, but if people don’t act in time that’s exactly what will happen.

If you have ever had a loan, a mortgage, a credit card or a bank account from HSBC or any of its partners, you should be calling 0800 193 1234 to speak to our specialists. We employ a number of people who have worked for many years in the banking industry, so we know how to get to the facts quickly and easily.

We hope to be hearing from you very soon.

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    Reclaim Mis Sold PPI Against HSBC Beat The Banks
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