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Reclaim Mis Sold PPI For Deceased Customers

Reclaim Mis Sold PPI For Deceased Customers

There seems to be a common misconception among some people that reclaiming mis-sold PPI is somehow impossible for the relatives of deceased customers, but this isn’t the case at all. It can be a difficult process, that’s for sure, but if you have the experienced specialists on your side it can definitely become a reality. Just call 0800 193 1234 to find out more.

As soon as banks, building societies and credit providers realised how profitable PPI could be, they began to push the product with a great deal of enthusiasm. Payment Protection Insurance was tacked on to everything from store cards to bank loans, and it became one of the cornerstones of the financial market for a number of years. We all know now, of course, that it was mis-sold on an industrial scale.

For many people, the lending boom coincided with their final working years before retirement. They were often persuaded to include PPI in their financial dealings so they could enjoy the security and protection that would bring them peace of mind. The slick sales pitches of the professionals were enough to convince them of the need to sign up to PPI, so that’s what they did.

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Here at Beat the Banks, we’ve helped a number of widows, widowers and children of people who had PPI but have since passed away. In our opinion, the mis-selling of such a product was unforgivable, and that still applies even if the borrower is no longer with us. We seek justice with just as much tenacity as we would for anyone else, and we will do so right up until the deadline day comes along.

If you’re the relative of someone who may have had PPI in the past, we’d like to hear from you. The nation’s credit providers went into overdrive during the lending boom because they knew they could make huge profits by doing very little with a product that wasn’t of much use, and they shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it. Now is the time to do something about it.

Our Beat the Banks team has a great deal of experience in the financial sector, and we know how to mount strong cases for PPI compensation. Our investigations take us back many years in order to find the whole truth.

We look forward to hearing from you soon on 0800 193 1234.

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    Reclaim Mis Sold PPI For Deceased Customers Beat The Banks
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