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Reclaim PPI Against Clydesdale Bank

Get the Justice You Deserve with Help from Beat the Banks

Reclaiming PPI from Clydesdale Bank is easy to seek and with our help it’s more than achievable. If your previous dealings with the Clydesdale have left you seeking justice, you need our help. Beat the Banks have successfully handled a significant number of compensation claims involving the Clydesdale.

We’ve helped many people, even some who had been rejected in the past, to gain PPI compensation from the Clydesdale, and we continue to set a high standard of customer service in this field. Whether you’ve been unfairly treated over your credit card, loan or mortgage, one call to Beat the Banks is all you need to start the ball rolling.

The Goalposts have Moved, so it’s Time to Start Again

The rules regarding data handling give us a great deal of scope in regard to accessing relevant data. We can go back over several years on your behalf, which will often add weight to any new or reworked claim. The end result in most instances is a stronger case for you, and with the help of our talented team this can increase your chances of a successful claim.

Even previously successful claims can be readdressed in the light of these changes. Interest rates have changed significantly over the years, so readdressed claims can be made in the light of newly available information obtained via reworking the numbers. This can in some cases make a difference of several thousand pounds.

Unscrupulous Tactics, Unfair Practices, Disgruntled Customers

Many banks were alleged to have used extremely aggressive tactics to sell PPI that very few people really needed or wanted. The banks didn’t really care about anything other than making a profit. This same approach also applied to mortgages, credit cards and personal loans. If there was a profit to be made, selling was the number one priority.

We have reviewed actual reports from clients that suggested they were misled from the start about the final cost of many of these financial products, and most of that misleading seems to have been deliberate. Some customers were encouraged to get ever more in debt, and on many occasions this led to a never-ending circle of borrowing from Peter in order to pay Paul.

Of course, the Clydesdale Bank aren’t the only institution alleged to have been involved in such tactics, but they may well have been one of the worst offenders. In 2015, they received a then-record fine of £20.7 million for the way they misled complainants and even the Financial Ombudsman. Reports allege they told untruths about the way they kept records, the way they sold products and even miscalculated when dealing with successful claims.

What Makes us the True Experts?

Here at Beat the Banks, we are in an ideal position to help those who were so badly mistreated previously. Many of our team members have worked for major banks in the past, making us best participant in your claims process. We know how the Clydesdale and others behaved before, and we are up to date on all previous, existing and future legislation.

Mike Begg from Beat the Banks has worked with Members of Parliament, the media and the Enforcement Division of the FCA to show just how deep the unfair practices have gone. To ensure your PPI claim against the Clydesdale Bank is as successful as it can be, you need our expertise right from the start.

To find out why you need Beat the Banks, give us a call today on 01382 200 474 and we can set you on the path to the justice you deserve. The process is smooth, painless and stress-free, and we are looking forward to meeting you.

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