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Reclaim PPI Against Lloyds TSB

Reclaim PPI Against Lloyds TSB

If you ever had a mortgage, loan or credit card with Lloyds TSB, you may well have had a PPI policy included. Both Lloyds Bank and the Trustee Savings Bank (TSB) were once among the most trusted names in our high streets, but the huge profits that were up for grabs via the mis-selling of PPI turned many financial institutions into hard-nosed, target-driven sales machines.

Payment Protection Insurance was easy to dispense during the excesses of the lending boom. Customers were persuaded by aggressive sales techniques from often slick individuals who were heavily incentivised to sell, sell and sell again. Most consumers simply signed on the dotted line because they understandably felt that protection would bring cover should anything untoward happen.

As we know now, many PPI policies were of little or no use to the consumer in the first place. They often didn’t provide enough cover, they sometimes provided cover that the customer didn’t qualify for anyway, and in a number of instances they only applied for a certain period of the life of the loan or mortgage. The banks didn’t discriminate when selling, they just sold.

Sales teams at Lloyds TSB and everywhere else were offered huge incentives to sell the product, so the tactics used became ever more aggressive. And because there was a genuine lending boom going on, if you took out a loan in the January they would often get in touch again in summer to see if you’d like another one! No wonder the credit crunch came along to stop the whole process.

By that time, millions of people right across the UK were left with ever-increasing debts and very little chance of paying them off. During the boom, they had also of course been saddled with having to pay PPI premiums that simply made matters worse. The banks, building societies and credit providers were now putting more and more pressure on their customers to maintain payments, whether they could afford them or not.

Here at Beat the Banks, we have handled a vast number of PPI compensation cases on behalf of our clients. Major names such as Lloyds TSB have had to set aside billions of pounds in order to right their wrongs of the past, and we think it’s quite right that the public is reimbursed. The only problem now is that the deadline for PPI cases is fast approaching.

Our team of specialists includes a number of knowledgeable men and women who have worked for many years in the banking sector. They know all about the way PPI was sold in the past, and even about how many big names in the world of finance have done all they can to avoid paying out as much as they should in compensation cases.

Instead of asking institutions like Lloyds TSB for the briefest of information – like many other claims management companies do – we strive to obtain the full lender history every time. Armed with the full picture, we can then construct a case that’s based on all of the truth. As far as we’re concerned, this is the only way to help a case to succeed.

If you even have an inkling that you had PPI from Lloyds TSB in the past, the best option is to call Beat the Banks on 0800 193 1234 for a brief, no obligation chat. We will give you honest, straightforward advice about your situation, and about what we might be able to do about it. You have nothing to lose but a few minutes of your time, so why not get in touch today?

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The PPI deadline has now passed.

We can no longer assist you in submitting a PPI claim.