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Reclaim PPI Against M&S

Reclaim PPI Against M&S

If you ever had a loan or credit card from M&S Bank, or a store card from Marks & Spencer, there is a good chance that you also had a PPI policy attached. One of the most famous names in the history of British retail, Marks & Spencer began life as a penny bazaar in Leeds back in the 1880s, and of course, it grew from there into a brand that has branches all over the world.

In the late 1980s and right through to the 2000s, Payment Protection Insurance was aggressively sold by a broad cross-section of companies in retail and finance, and M&S were no exception to the rule. Thanks to the convenience of a store card, consumers were able to shop till they dropped at their local Marks & Spencer branch without having to worry about paying up front.

For M&S, such an arrangement brought in huge profits, and with PPI added on those profits became even larger. Their loyal customer base trusted the retailer to play fair, so they were happy to sign on the dotted line. Buying now and paying later became the favoured method of shopping for so many people, so if an insurance policy was attached there was surely nothing to worry about.

We know now that these policies were often of little or no use to the average consumer. In many cases they provided cover for some and not for others, so many people were paying a significant sum of money for something approaching a white elephant. If you were one of them, it’s time to start seeking the justice that you really deserve.

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Beat the Banks have been helping victims of the PPI scandal for a number of years, and we continue to work hard on behalf of our ever-increasing client base. Most claims management companies ask banks and credit providers for the briefest information in order to mount a fast case and grab a quick win. That’s not how it should be done, and that’s not how we work.

Our strategy involves seeking the fullest information right from the start, often going back decades in order to obtain the bigger picture. Once we have the full lending history, we then mount a robust case in order to seek compensation based on the whole truth. Our friendly team contains a great many men and women who worked for years in the financial sector, and they know all about the tactics used by the UK’s banks, building societies and credit providers.

If you ever had a financial product from M&S or M&S Bank, we’d love to hear from you. Our specialists can help you in your hour of need, so why not get in touch today? The PPI deadline is fast approaching, so time is running out. To see if there’s anything we can do for you, contact the team now on 0800 193 1234 and let’s see what can be done.

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Reclaim PPI Against M&S Beat The Banks
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The PPI deadline has now passed.

We can no longer assist you in submitting a PPI claim.