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Reclaim Your Mis Sold PPI From Royal Bank Of Scotland

In 2016 we persuaded RBS to change their Group policy on providing information and compensation on joint loans. Previously and illegally, they would only deal with and pay compensation to the first named party to personal loan borrowing.

If you feel you may have been affected by their former policy. Please see this link to our Press Pass Section

If you have borrowed money through any of the RBS brands as far back as the mid 1990’s and paid PPI then, here is some important information for you.

In February 2017, the RBS Group, which includes RBS and NatWest, announced that in 2016, they had set aside £601 million for the selling of mis-sold PPI. This was an increase on the £600 million put aside in 2015, although less than the £650 million provision for 2014.

It takes RBS’ total PPI provision, to an incredible £4.9 billion, of which £3.7 billion – £3.3 billion (67%) in redress and £0.4 billion in administrative charges – had been paid by 31 December 2016.

The mis-selling of PPI has rife been through all the main RBS brands and at Beat the Banks we are experts in claiming against all of them, BUT remember, the FCA have set a final date for reclaiming mis-sold PPI of 29 August 2019.

RBS Group

RBS Group simply hate giving out customer records, BUT at Beat the Banks, that’s where our banking expertise comes in. We aim to recover RBS group full lending records back to a minimum of 1995, where you still bank with them or have done so up to 10 to 15 years ago. Knowing what happened at the time of sale is vital, don’t recover all the paperwork and it’s a guess. Just one reason why our claims record against RBS group is so high.

Here are some of the main RBS group brands that sold PPI on their products –

Beat the Banks on numerous occasions have reported RBS group to the FCA and to the ICO. The latter, police the Data Protection Act 1998. Neither, disappointingly have chosen to take any action to protect the consumer. We firmly believe that personal loan records prior to 1995 are held on microfiche and readily accessible. If you have had personal loans with RBS or Nat West or any of the group before 1995 and have proof, or are certain that you paid PPI, the Beat the Banks Team would love to hear from you.

Please also check our Press section, on how we managed to get RBS group to change their PPI procedures regarding joint loans. To find out more about RBS group mis-sold PPI please contact our team on 01382 200474 or 0800 193 1234. No other PPI reclaim company, has a team of ex-bank lending managers dedicated to giving every single PPI claim the best possible chance.

£4.90 billion

RBS Group have now provisioned £4.90 billion to meet the cost of mis-sold PPI

Data Protection

The Group have flaunted the Data Protection Act since April 2014, when they disbanded their Full Subject Access team. They are the only UK bank to have taken this line.

Final Countdown

Time is running out to make a claim against RBS for mis-sold PPI, the time to act is now.

Aggressive mis-selling

Massive number of group members, all of who aggressively mis-sold PPI.

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