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Please find detailed below a brief description of the various types of financial claims that we are able to offer, along with a one page summary for each one explaining the service that we provide and the associated costs that are payable in the event your claim is successful.

In all cases, if we or our carefully chosen partners, aren’t successful in obtaining compensation on your behalf, then no fee is payable. You also have the comfort of knowing that in every single case, you will be dealing with firms that, where appropriate, are either fully authorised and regulated by the FCA or by the Law Society in England and Wales.

Claims for poor pension and investment advice
Do you worry you were given faulty pension advice? Did the lure of high returns convince you to invest in Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes (UCIS)? Are you concerned that you may have lost money?

Our experience allows us to offer an initial assessment as to whether you may have the possibility of claiming compensation for poor or faulty pension and investment advice. By working closely with leading industry experts, our aim is to help you recover redress wherever possible.

Click here for our one-page summary outlining the service we provide and the costs involved.


Claims for mis-sold mortgages
Being advised to consolidate debt and add the borrowing to your mortgage may have meant paying considerably more interest and, in some cases, unnecessary broker and lender charges, or even early redemption fees.

Maybe you were persuaded to re-mortgage and invest in other property in the UK or elsewhere in the world, or to invest in other assets which have subsequently failed?

Years of practical experience banking and mortgage broking means we are ideally equipped to recover full lender and/or broker files if you have been a victim of poor mortgage advice. By working closely with our expert partners, we are here to help you recover compensation wherever possible.

Click here for our one-page summary explaining how our service works and the costs involved.


Additional Claims – Lender “Unfair Commission” Offers
Have you tried to claim for mis-sold PPI and instead only been given a partial offer because the profit your lender made on the sale of the insurance exceeded 50%?

By pursuing a legal claim through Beat the Banks and our legal partners for a lender breach of Section 140 of the Consumer Credit Act, you can obtain significantly more compensation than you were previously offered. We initially assess each possible case by firstly recovering and then analysing your full lender file. Qualifying cases are then passed to our solicitors to work under a Damages Based Agreement, meaning that if you are not successful, no fee is due.

Click here for our one-page summary that fully explains the process and the costs involved if you are successful.

To find out more about any of our claim types and if you could be due compensation, simply give our team a call on 01382 200474. If you live locally to our office in Dundee, you are also more than welcome to pop in for a coffee and a chat.

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