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Hydrology PLC AKA Nexus Water Bonds and Water Bonds PLC

Nexus Water Bonds and Water Bonds PLC

Were you advised to invest in Hydrology PLC – Formerly known as both Nexus Water Bonds and Water Bonds PLC? This was an Investment heavily recommended by failed IFA firm Black Star Wealth Management (BSWM) through the use of SIPPs and also via Discretionary Fund Manager Beaufort Securities Limited who in turn like BSWM is now in FSCS default.

Formed back in 2013, Hydrology had bold plans to develop commercial water facilities all over the globe. Much like Silex UK, link yet another failed unregulated, high-risk investment (UCIS) recommended by BSWM, they raised investment funds via a listing on the Cyprus Stock Exchange. They took in £5 million by issuing 7-year debenture stock redeemable in 2021. Typically the promised returns of an initial 7.5% followed by a whopping 11% in the last four years were enough to see the investment fly off the shelves – no mention, of course, was made of the huge commissions swept up by introducers

Two overseas projects were undertaken, one in America and the other in Brazil – just as worldwide demand for water treatment and disposal facilities slowed a combination of legal disputes with partners and associated cash flow issues hit hard. Debenture interest payments could no longer be met, the annual accounts to May 2016 were delayed and the companies debenture stock was suspended from trading on Cyprus’s Emerging Companies Market (ECM). Inevitably the company lapsed into administration in July 2017 with a liquidator finally being appointed in October 2018. The statement of affairs for the failed company completed in July 2017 disclosed debts to bondholders, secured by a floating charge, of just short of £5.5 million and a deficiency of £4.5 million.

If you found yourself investing in Hydrology PLC on the advice of BSWM or another party and have lost money, the expert team at Beat the Banks are on hand to help. To find out more, simply call 01382 200474, or complete our enquiry form on this page and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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    Hydrology PLC AKA Nexus Water Bonds and Water Bonds PLC Beat The Banks
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