Capital & Income Solutions update – April 22

Did you deal with Capital & Income Solutions in Leeds to transfer your pension?

If you live in Scotland, you may have unwittingly dealt with them through Mike Connelly a former director of The Mortgage Finance Store Limited (TMFSL) based in Dundee.

Over a 10 year period Mr Connelly formed an illegal collusion with Capital & Income Solutions that saw him personally give face to face pension transfer advice. It is a story Beat the Banks exposed and we continue to help a constant stream of victims to obtain valuable compensation. In many cases we have seen pension holder’s losses run into hundreds of thousands of pounds.

If you dealt with TMFSL you may have been introduced to Mr Connelly by your mortgage adviser or former co-director James Rice. Other brokers within the Dundee area such as the Independent Mortgage Partnership also referred pension transfer business to him. ALL were completely aware that in giving pension transfer advice Mr Connelly was breaking the law but simply turned a blind eye in order to earn a commission.

Now an article by journalist Laura Purkess has revealed the true extent of the disastrous pension transfer and investment advice given by Capital & Income Solutions and Mr Connelly. So far, the FSCS have been left with a bill approaching an eye watering £33 million. You can read the full article here.

Beat the Banks specialise in successfully claiming for people who have been mis-advised to move their pensions. We are passionate about what we do and it’s why we offer an entirely free, no obligation initial assessment on the pension transfer advice you were given.

Until they spoke with Beat the Banks over 75% of our successful claimants were completely unaware they had been misled or the substantial losses they’d suffered.

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