Mis-advised to move your pension?

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Helping people claim since 2011

In the last fifteen years, if you’ve been advised to transfer away from a defined benefit workplace pension, or move any sort of pension into a SIPP Beat the Banks are happy offer a free initial assessment to check that the advice you were given hasn’t left you facing an uncertain retirement.

Remember that even if you were happy with the advice you received at the time, it doesn’t necessarily mean that moving your pension was in your best interests or compliant.

Don’t be afraid, don’t feel embarrassed, it’s time to take action – together.

Beat the Banks will complete a free initial assessment with you to discuss your case. This will likely be via telephone or, where you have copies of your finance documentation, we may review this for you.

We will let you know if we believe that you may have a claim and if so, we will refer you to our partner law firm, New South Law, who are a specialist in these types of cases. New South Law will send you their own Terms and Conditions to make a claim.

Beat the Banks will receive a commission from New South Law for referring your case to them.

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We've recovered over £40M*

We’ve helped thousands of clients successfully claim for financial mis-selling. Think you may be eligible for a claim? Start your free initial assessment today!
*In the period from Dec 2011 until Nov 2021

We're pension claims experts

Mis-sold workplace defined benefit pension transfers

In the last 15 years, were you advised to transfer your final salary workplace pension somewhere else?

Mis-sold SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pensions)

SIPPs are something only suited to a tiny percentage of pension holders with many people mis-sold and losing thousands.

You may not know you've been mis-sold

Our survey found 75% of our successful claimants had no idea they’d been mis-advised or the extent of their losses. We offer a free initial assessment to see if you were mis-sold.

Declined a claim for life insurance, critical illness or income protection?

Every year millions of perfectly valid claims are unfairly declined. Being refused a claim can be incredibly stressful and that’s where Beat the Banks can help, even if your claim was rejected as much as 10 years ago.

Rejections tend to come at a low point in life. Policy premiums have been paid faithfully in the belief that these invaluable benefits will be paid in the unlikely event you ever need to claim.

We're here to help you

We’re here to help you recover compensation where its due.

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