Have you been declined a claim for life insurance, critical illness or income protection?

Beat the Banks are experts in financial mis-selling claims and we're here to help!

Every year millions of perfectly valid claims are unfairly declined.

If you have been declined or had a decision “deferred” for a claim under a life policy, critical illness policy or an income protection policy it’s difficult to know where to turn.

Rejections tend to come at a low point in life. Policy premiums have been paid faithfully in the belief that these invaluable benefits will be paid in the unlikely event you ever need to claim.

That’s where Beat the Banks can help, even if your claim was rejected up to 10 years ago.

To find out more about how Beat the Banks can help you can start a free check, call 01382 200474, or if you live close to our office in Dundee why not pop in with your paperwork. Beat the Banks is a CMC. You can claim for free, without using a CMC, first to your provider or to the FOS/FSCS/TPO. Click here for more information.

Did you know:

Here are some sobering FACTS:

Beat the Banks can also help:

  • If you are simply looking for support when submitting a claim.
  • Where you have been mis-sold, or over sold insurance cover by your broker or bank. Big commissions can be earned by persuading unsuspecting victims into changing their mortgage term or increasing their borrowing and in turn re-broking their policies. Better quality and sometimes cheaper cover is then incorrectly dismissed as not fit for purpose. The fact is that re-broking insurance contracts earn brokers and banks considerably more than selling a mortgage.
  • Where you suspect that your broker or bank has deliberately omitted or under stated health issues on your insurance proposal, or mis-quoted your height or weight. ALL sadly surprisingly common. Remember a proposal for cover submitted, quoted with no health issues or within normal height to weight ratios, means cover is placed on risk immediately AND the commission paid without delay.

Concerned you might be a victim?

You may be entitled to a claim for financial mis-selling and Beat the Banks are here to help with our free check.

beat the banks team

Who are Beat the Banks?

Established in 2011 and based in Dundee, we’ve already helped thousands of customers all over the UK recover compensation for financial mis-selling.

Led by Mike Begg, who has worked in banking and finance for over 40 years, the Beat the Banks team is packed full of experience. We use our extensive industry knowledge to go that extra mile to help victims who’ve suffered a financial loss as a result of faulty pension transfer advice or been declined a claim for life insurance, critical illness, or income protection.